Easy-to-use, reliable and intelligent.

Efficient, streamlined operating procedures are no longer conceivable without electronic application solutions in access control and time management.
Winkhaus is one of the few German suppliers to offer you coherent overall concepts for integrated solutions.
Winkhaus offers a perfect security system for projects of any size – from standalone systems to networks throughout entire buildings.

On the basis of decades of experience and expertise in the “mechanical security technology” field, Winkhaus has set its course early on towards mechatronic and electronic access control and time management systems. All common contact-free transponder technologies are supported.

Innovative technologies
Security and simultaneous flexibility are challenges every company would like to master. This is precisely where the special strengths of Winkhaus come into play, optimising both aspects in parallel by means of state-of-the-art technologies.
At the same time, system solutions developed with ergonomics in mind make considerable contributions to reduction of running operating costs.

Full system integration guaranteed
Existing or new, it doesn’t matter – various technologies and system solutions are combined at Winkhaus to form an integrative access control and time management system.

Combined identification technologies
Different identification technologies can be integrated in one carrier. This permits the user to control, monitor and manage different applications using just one medium (card, key or key fob): from the locking system via time recording to meeting room reservations or canteen payments. All access, time and consumption data can be transferred in-hour or externally to other software applications via standardised interfaces.

Consultancy and service
Experience, continuity, innovation and persistence are all terms which guarantee the future-proofing of investments right now.

Highly qualified specialists support you in configuring custom safety concepts. It goes without saying here that we offer reliable service and an extensive range of services from the implementation to the maintenance.


EZK in hotel applications

Access control centres (ZKZ)

  • Intelligent control unit for the connection of up to 8 access readers
  • Door control and monitor included
  • Memory capacity for up to 100,000 master record sets
  • Control unit 100% stand-alone-capable
  • Optional: integrated emergency power supply
  • Interfaces: RS485, RS232 (DFÜ) or LAN (TCP/IP) 

Time recording terminal

Graphic colour display with touchscreen
Registration of causes of errors, possible corrective means
Real-time processing of all bookings
Storage of up to 6,000 bookings
Interfaces: RS485, RS232, LAN (TCP/IP)


  • Readers in various designs #
  • Expandable with PIN code keypad (Elcom/Siedle)
  • Acoustic signalling
  • Optical signalling (LED)
  • Read distance: approx. 2-12 cm depending on technology
  • Interface for connection to an access control point

Intras door manager (ITM)

  • Reader in Gira Event design
  • Internal controller, memory and real-time clock
  • Control unit 100% stand-alone-capable
  • Acoustic signalling
  • Optical signalling (LED)
  • Read distance: approx. 2-12 cm depending on technology
  • Interface RS485, is operated without access control point

Identification media
Identification media available in various forms:

  • Identification card
  • Key fob
  • Mechatronic key
  • Electronic key

Identification media with all common RFID transponders:

  • Temic
  • PROX (EM4102)
  • Hitag, Hitag-S
  • Mifare, Mifare DESFire EV1
  • Legic, Legic Advant

Access control switchboard


Time recording terminal




IntrasTürManager (ITM) door manager


Identification media

Visitor management

Recording and management of visitor data 
Access authorisation for visitor identification cards 
Printout of visitor cards 
History for the detected visitors

Parking facility management

Control of entry and exit with pay function
Management of parking log pools
Interface for vehicle identification

Zone management

Monitoring of minimum and maximum occupancy
Airlock control for security areas with weight control
Image comparison with access bookings
Access control according to four-eye principle
Monitoring of minimum presence times in specific zones
Overview board with occupancy indication of zones
Recording of presence times

Facility management

Recording and management of building data
Interface for power, air conditioning and heating systems
Interface for alarm, fire detection and video systems

Conference room management

Recording and management of meeting rooms
Search function and reservation of free rooms
Access control for meeting rooms
Interface for payment systems

Hotel management

Management and coding of guest identification cards
Interface for front office systems (FOS) of all common hotel software suppliers
Interface for SPA functions
Printing of guest identification cards

A-Rosa Sylt

Grand SPA Resort A-Rosa, Sylt, Germany