Hospitals have continually higher requirements with regard to the inflexible cost situation in healthcare. Other than quality of medical services, the focus is always on financial operations. Smooth and flexible workflows are crucial to success. In this connection, the blueSmart and blueChip electronic access management systems from Winkhaus support the whole organisation, as it controls numerous functions, thus contributing to the economical operation of the clinic.

As the difficult financial situation has been going on for a few years already, necessary investments into fixtures and fitting were postponed and are long overdue. This includes outdated locking systems, which could present a security risk through their lack of flexibility and entail high maintenance costs.

The most modern types are electronic systems, which complete substantial functions from controlling the building services management system to parking management. With blueSmart and blueChip, Winkhaus therefore offers fully developed technology which provides a wide scope of services from one source.



Sankt Johann, Austria

Helicopter support point Heliport

A rapid-reaction blueSmart locking system secures the complex.

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Klinik Diakonissen Salzburg

Salzburg, Austria

Clinic Diakonissen Salzburg

In an emergency situation the processes in a hospital must operate quickly and smoothly. Winkhaus controls the access management in Klinik Diakonissen Salzburg.

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Klinikum Kassel

Kassel, Germany

Clinic Kassel

Only three months passed from the time that the contract was awarded to the initial commissioning of the new electronic locking system at Kassel Hospital in 2010.

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Rosenheim, Germany

RoMed hospital system

The construction of a new ward prompted the purchase of an electronic locking system.

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Asklepios Klinikum Weissenfels

Weissenfels, Germany

Asklepios Clinic Weissenfels

The electronic locking system fulfils a variety of tasks in the hospital. It provides for smooth access, controls the parking facility management and regulates the linen output.

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Waren, Germany

Clinic Waren

In the Waren/Müritz hospital the electronic locking system from Winkhaus assumes a wide range of tasks. blueChip takes care of access control.

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