Mechanical door locking systems

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Reliable protection

The high-quality and positive drive technology of Winkhaus mechanical locking systems with multiple locking points guarantees long-term reliability and stands for an effectively secured lock technology. The systems are distinguished by a good locking operation and insensitivity to dimensional tolerances.
Automatic door locking systems

Automatic door locking systems

Winkhaus automatic multi-point locking systems operate effectively and reliably. Their massive hooks automatically grip the keep rail preventing the door from being pried open.

Hook locking system

Hook locking systems

Multi-point locking systems equipped with massive Winkhaus hooks block external doors tightly and securely. The multifaceted range provides the right solution for a variety of applications.

Bolt locking system

Bolt locking systems

With their durable quality, these Winkhaus multi-point locking systems give doors efficient security while providing a tight seal. They are suitable for easy installation by the window manufacturer, as well as simple installation or retrofitting on site.

Mushroom head/ eccentric locking system

Mushroom head/ eccentric locking systems

This security solution for house doors and secondary access doors made of timber or PVC-U offers cost advantages.   


Panic locking systems

In an emergency, the multi-point locking system protects life and limb in accordance with DIN EN 179 and DIN EN 1125.


Fire protection locking systems

The resilient multi-point locking system provides effective smoke and fire protection in accordance with DIN 4102-18:1991-03 and EN 1634.

Declaration of performance in accordance with Construction Products Regulation (BauPVO)

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Declaration of performance