solidLock Thunderbolt

Locking system with double deadbolt

The Winkhaus security locking system solidLock Thunderbolt unites security with extremely easy installation. Whether they are made of PVC-U, timber or aluminium, doors will all close firmly thanks to the angled shape of the double deadbolts.

Solid and tight sealing

The easy-to-fit Winkhaus solidLock Thunderbolt locking systems can be installed and adjusted by the builder, but can also be installed or retrofitted easily on-site.

Generous tolerance ranges with wide sash-to-frame clearances and dimensional deviations at the top and bottom, as well as the use of standard hook plates enables easy installation.

These locking systems can be used on the left or right and, with double deadbolts and pivoted latch, provide a clear advantage for dealers, as no double stock is required.

solidLock Thunderbolt

Thunderbolt - double dead bolt

The easy-to-fit solidLock Thunderbolt locking system from Winkhaus with two Thunderbolt double deadbolts for security and tight seal.


  • Solid double deadbolt per auxiliary locking point
  • High burglary resistance with double deadbolts secured against being forced back in locked state (RC 2 compatible)
  • Easy installation and minimal adjustment required due to high tolerance range
  • Tight seal
  • Can be used with hookLock M keeps
  • Milling dimensions compatible with hookLock M
  • Optional: Auxiliary locking case FA can be retrofitted (FA G2 housing)

The Thunderbolt double deadbolt

The two double deadbolts are beveled on both sides. This means that when the double deadbolt is inserted, the door is drawn into the frame. The locking system also uses the extensive range of standard keeps.

The milling positions correspond to the Winkhaus hookLock locking systems and ensure optimal processing and flexibility.

Actively secured lock technology

Very robust sintered metal gearwheels guarantee long-term reliability. When bolted, the lock mechanism is blocked. These bolts are securely blocked via the main lock housing and cannot be compressed either individually or together. The lock mechanism can therefore only be unblocked using the appropriate key by means of the corresponding locking cylinder.

Main deadbolt made of steel

The main deadbolt made of chromated steel lends the Winkhaus security door locking system the necessary supreme strength even in the door's mid-range.

Latch deadbolt keep

According to the profile situation, standard keeps can be used for the mid-range. In the latch area, the contact pressure can be adjusted by means of an insert so that the door is always maintained in the optimum position in the frame. This ensures that the door also shuts tightly in the mid-range.

Easy key insertion

The mechanical structure of Winkhaus security door locking systems ensures that no forces can stress the cam when the door is bolted. This permits the key to be inserted without problems in the locking cylinder at any time.

Security factor

The solidLock locking system corresponds to DIN 18251-3 class 3 (security-relevant features). It also complies with DIN EN 1627-30 RC2.

Face plate designs

Various lock face plates are available to adapt the lock of the door design in question. To prevent corrosion, all face plate surfaces are galvanised in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50979 and DIN EN 1670 Class 4 and surface-treated. In addition to the standard faceplate design in matt chromated / silver coloured, the face plate surfaces are also available powder-coated in grey (RAL 9007) or white (RAL 9016).
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solidLock Thunderbolt


  • STV model 60*
    with 2 double deadbolts for standard house doors with a sash rebate height of 1875 to 2230 mm
  • STV model 62*
    with 2 double deadbolts for standard house doors with a sash rebate height of 1735 to 1875 mm
  • STV model 70*
    with 2 double deadbolts and rounded face plate ends for standard house doors with a sash rebate height of 1875 to 2230 mm 

*  Auxiliary housing can be retrofitted for 2nd profile cylinder

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