activPilot Comfort PADM 

The parallel action/turn-only fitting system for motor drives

activPilot Comfort PADM combines the PAD parallel action fitting with a motor control. This enables controllable and programmable ventilation, while the window is "locked" and burglary-resistant at all times – even in ventilation mode.

activPilot Comfort PADM solves many challenges in one go.

activPilot Comfort PADM carries out a wide range of tasks at once. Winkhaus has therefore developed the unique fitting system activPilot Comfort PADM, which can effectively perform a variety of tasks. The fitting in combination with the BDT drive from D+H Mechatronic AG enables automated, natural ventilation with optimal burglary resistance. It helps to create good room air quality and to establish positive energy efficiency results. With activPilot Comfort PADM, rooms can also be ventilated when no one is present. Unwanted guests are kept outside while the room is being ventilated, the amount of driving rain and traffic noise coming through the window is significantly reduced.

Operation and manufacturer-friendly system

activPilot Comfort PADM in combination with the BDT fitting drive from D+H provides a natural air exchange according to DIN1946-6. Because ventilation scenarios, e. g. specified ventilation times can be set, indoor rooms can be supplied with natural fresh air on a user-dependent basis. To open the window wide, you simply have to press a button and the fitting drive releases the sash for the turn position. The window can then be opened manually as usual. The remote control makes it easier to use hard-to-access windows. The functionality of this contemporary ventilation system is made complete by minimal power consumption, low-noise operation and backlit touch operation surfaces with self-explanatory button icons. As with all Winkhaus fittings, activPilot Comfort PADM is also very manufacturer-friendly and can be easily assembled based on the activPilot Concept series with few additional components. Window manufacturers can order this fitting system from Winkhaus through the usual channels. The fitting drive from the BDT series is available from authorised D+H partners. This makes the innovative window system activPilot Comfort PADM a real alternative to conventional ventilation systems.

activPilot Comfort PADM

Air exchange with parallel-action window

  • Opening variations: parallel action & turning
  • For rectangular elements
  • Up to resistance class RC2 (also in shut position)
  • Motor actuation: programmable ventilation
  • With motor as user-dependent room ventilation according to DIN 1946-6
  • Control directly on the motor via touch-panel or remote control

Max. sash weight

  • 100 kg *

Sash dimensions:

  • Min. sash rebate width: 460 mm *
  • Min. sash rebate height: 695 mm *
  • Max. sash rebate width: 1475 mm *
  • Max. sash rebate height: 2800 mm *
  • SRW:SRH ≤ 1.5:1 *

Other parallel action variations:

activPilot Comfort PADK
activPilot Comfort PAD
activPilot Comfort PADS

* The binding sash weights and sash sizes can be found in the relevant technical catalogues and application diagrams they contain.

activPilot Comfort PADM

BDT fitting drive

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