easyPilot Soleil

easyPilot Soleil – specially designed for the French market

With its easyPilot Soleil fitting system, Winkhaus is offering fittings for turn windows, which have been especially adapted to the French market.
easyPilot Soleil is a compact modular system and is optimally suited for PVC, timber and aluminium windows.
With the innovative technology in the easyPilot Soleil fitting system, Winkhaus is also able to guarantee attractive streamlining potential and process reliability for the installation of turn windows.

The drive system range of the established fitting system easyPilot Soleil can be used to make high-quality single- and double-sash turn windows and balcony doors.

  • For 1-sash (OF 1) or 2-sash (OF 2) windows
  • The fitting system consists of around just 10 items and therefore focuses directly on the requirements of industrial window builders regarding an efficiently organized fitting system.
  • With easyPilot, only one drive rod is required per window type, as the connecting rails can be used in multiple ways as fixed or extendible components.
  • This means that you require less storage space, which reduces your storage costs and also lowers your capital commitment costs through faster goods turnover.

Component connection

  • The coupling technology tried-and-tested from the Winkhaus activPilot turn-tilt fitting system guarantees a significantly simplified and reliable connection of the individual window components.

D-minus technology

  • With the D-minus technology, a symmetrical handle for OF 2 windows is already included as standard. This means that an intermediate drive is no longer required.

Handle positions

  • With easyPilot Soleil, you can achieve a wide range of special handle positions in addition to pre-defined handle heights with no problems, which enables you to fulfil individual customer wishes more effectively.

Minimum training requirements

  • With this efficiently origanized fitting system, the level of training required for employees and the total administrative costs are significantly lower than with conventional fitting Systems.


  • No routings are required in the profile for installing the fitting system. The newly designed drive can be installed on the loose profile part without screws.

Double-sash window

  • The new two-piece drive rod GK.OF.T in particular impresses window manufacturers, as it offers greater security for double-sash windows with a turn-only function. It is equipped with a shootbolt. Above this shootbolt are two solid rods, which are pushed into the shoot bolt keep in the frame when locking, thus providing the window with improved burglary protection.

Gear D-6

  • The drive rod with negative backset GAK D-6 rounds off the range perfectly.
    With its innovative shape, the module offers a direct approach to fitting double-sash windows with centrally positioned turn-tilt handles. Intermediate drives are no longer required.

Gear D 15.5

  • Winkhaus has developed a new locking drive with a 15.5 backset for turn windows especially for the French market.
Further fittings

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