activPilot Concept

Window fittings with character

The activPilot Concept fitting concept for turn-tilt windows combines functionality, perfected security technology and operating comfort. It is suitable for all profile systems, offers a high level of flexibility and fulfils the highest visual requirements with individual design coordination on the visible hinge side.

With activPilot Concept, a fitting system has been created, which sets itself apart on the market with its special design and impresses with functionality and operating comfort. 

The intelligent, clearly-structured modular activPilot system offers window builders significantly improved processing efficiency, in particular due to the drastically reduced number of components. With its future-orientated design, activPilot also sets itself apart visually on the market with its special design and shines with an innovative external appearance.

The new locking system, the option of an easy security technology upgrade and a range of other attractive additional functions are just some of the arguments in favour of the activPilot fitting system, which leaves planners lots of room for the design and implementation.

A quick response to customer wishes is always possible with activPilot. The new retrofit options, convenient operation and components with multiple uses mean that it will significantly expand the range of any window manufacturer.

activPilot Concept

Pot hinge version in wooden window

activPilot Concept

Security tilting keep with steel web and profile-adapted plastic bottom section

activPilot Concept – general information

  • For tilt and turn windows with groove centre position 9 or 13 mm)
  • Sash to frame clearance: 12 mm (usage range of 9.8 to 14 mm)
  • Overlap: 18 or 20 /21 mm
  • Wide range of individual Solutions

activPilot Concept for PVC-U windows

  • Surface-mounted hinge side with symmetrical drilling pattern for corner and shear hinges 
  • Suitable for almost all profile systems thanks to the wide variety of frame part series

activPilot Concept for wooden windows

  • Pot or rebate hinge at choice
  • For fitting groove 9 or 13 mm and overlap widths of 18 or 20 mm
  • Frame parts are designed for rebate depths of 18 to 30 mm
  • Sash to frame clearance: 4 or 12 mm

activPilot Concept for aluminium windows

  • Suitable for all standard aluminium profile systems with 16 mm fitting groove
  • Some keeps in clamp-on design
  • Independent of the design and strength of the sash overlap thanks to the rebate hinge
activPilot Concept

Profile-adapted frame parts (for bottom threshold)


Frame part for tilt before turn mechanism

Maximum sash weights*:

  • Timber: 130 or 150 kg (in doors)
  • PVC-U: 100 – 130 kg
  • Aluminium:  130 Kg

Maximum sash sizes*:

  • Maximum sash rebate height 2800 mm
  • Maximum sash rebate width 1725 mm

Drilling patterns:

  • PVC-U and aluminium – symmetrical
  • Timber – pot hole - symmetrical

Sash-to-frame clearance:

  • From 9.8 mm to max. 14 mm

Through qualified training sessions on the manufacture of burglary-resistant windows and balcony doors held by Winkhaus on-site and the window manufacturer’s premises, system-tested elements can be manufactured with a test certificate. A license entitles a window-manufacturing company to produce burglary-resistant windows according to DIN EN 1627–1630 in a variety of different security levels.

* The binding sash weights and sash sizes can be found in the relevant technical catalogues and application diagrams they contain.

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