The compact turn-tilt fitting system

The low-cost fitting solution for all PVC-U or aluminium rectangular windows. The intelligent modular system enables easy installation, 3-D adjustment options as standard, high-quality plastic components ensure that the windows function correctly and run smoothly.

The entire modular system is made up of around 200 components and enables rectangular turn-tilt windows and double-sash windows to be manufactured efficiently. As fail safe devices, gap ventilation and balcony door catches can be retrofitted, proPilot can react flexibly to customer wishes. proPilot therefore adapts to the relevant requirements.

With the unique window handle fixing, the patented lock case provides smooth-running function and reliability.

The time-tested trimming methods and the user-friendly coupling technology enable fitting parts to be attached quickly and easily.

For special requirements, such as studio or security windows, the activPilot fitting system also offers the perfect solution.

  • Ideal retailer range with just 200 components for the entire product range
  • Low-cost modular system with around 50 components for the manufacturer
  • Cost optimisation for stores, logistics, administration and scheduling, low capital investment
  • Quick and easy Installation

Corner drive with tilt keep


Locking pin


Shear with cap

Modular design

  • Only around 50 components for the entire product range
  • Just one shear size up to sash rebate width 1050 mm
  • Interlocking rod identical on the hinge side and bottom horizontal
  • Just one corner drive

Locking point

  • Pressure adjustment ± 0.8 mm
  • Sash-to-frame clearance of 9.5 mm to 15 mm
  • Only one locking part design
  • Tilt locking rod with integrated sash lifter
  • Just one tilt locking rod for one- and two-sash windows

Hinge side

  • Symmetrical drilling pattern of corner and shear hinges
  • Maximum permissible sash weight: 100 kg

Setting options

  • Sash corner hinge: 
    •  Height adjustment: ± 3 mm
    • Side adjustment: ± 2 mm
  • Shears:
    • Pressure adjustment: ± 0.8 mm
    • Raise by 3.5 mm and  lower by 2 mm

Accessory components

  • Balcony door catch, fail safe device and variable tilt device can be retrofitted
  • Caps for corner and shear hinges

Max. sash weight:

  • 70 or 100 kg*

Sash dimensions:

  • Min. sash rebate width 350 mm
  • Min. sash rebate height 440 mm
  • Max. sash rebate width 1400 mm
  • Max. sash rebate height 2800 mm
  • Max. sash size 2.5 m2
  • Sash rebate width: Sash rebate height ≤ 1.5


* The binding sash weights and sash sizes can be found in the relevant technical catalogues and application diagrams they contain.

Futher fittings

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